Kents Hill Park Secondary 1(2)
Middleton School (3)
Front Cover 2 (uncropped photoshopped) twitter (002)
Monkston School 1
KHP Primary - new art installation (Custom)


The Kingsbridge Educational Trust was formed in September 2016 by the joining together of two schools: Oakgrove Secondary and Middleton Primary. Prior to this, the two schools had a long history of working together and in September 2014 had formed an ‘umbrella’ trust to oversee the development of Primary and Nursery provision at Oakgrove.

The decision to form a multi-academy trust was made in January 2016, following the exploration of different models of governance. The multi-academy trust became operational on 1st September 2016. On 1st July 2017, Monkston Primary formally joined and, in August 2017, the new all-through school at Kents Hill Park was awarded to the Trust, which opened in September 2018 and will finally reach capacity in September 2023.