Oakgrove Secondary School
Middleton - Year 5 trip 2
Oakgrove Secondary School
Monkston - Whole class
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Welcome from the CEO

Formed in September 2016, the Kingsbridge Educational Trust (KET) is a multi-academy trust of like-minded, autonomous schools dedicated to high standards and collaborative working.

The Trust is always looking for interested schools to join us, not only those who hold similar values, but those who share a passion for improving young lives. 

As headteacher of a large secondary school for 10 years, between 2004 and 2014, no aspect of leadership and management was ever graded as less than outstanding in three separate Ofsted inspections.

In 2014, following a grade 1 Ofsted the previous year, I stepped down from the Headship to oversee the building and development of a new primary and nursery phase and the establishment of a Teaching School.

I set up the Kingsbridge Educational Trust, which gained Department for Education sponsorship accreditation and became operational in September 2016. I also became CEO of the Trust.

With degrees in English and Law, three separate Masters Qualifications, an MBA and a PhD, I am also trained as an Ofsted lead inspector across all phases and a National Leader of Education.

For more information on the Trust’s work, not only regarding what we do, but how we do it, please contact the Trust’s friendly team.

Peter Barnes, CEO