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Oakgrove Secondary School


The Kingsbridge Educational Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust (a charitable company limited by guarantee, company number 09144847) with sponsorship accreditation from the Department for Education. At the moment the Trust operates four schools: Kents Hill Park all-through school, Monkston Primary School, Middleton Primary School and Oakgrove all-through school.

The Trust’s model is unique, in that it devolves maximum decision-making powers to local level and ensures each school retains its own identity and Local Governing Body (LGB). Apart from the requirement to have a Finance and Personnel Committee, LGBs determine their own committee structure.

The Board of Directors retains an oversight function, especially as regards finance, outcomes and safeguarding, but responsibility is delegated to the individual Governing Bodies.

The Trust, however, has a level of expertise that individual schools can draw upon and offers an unrivalled opportunity to share best practice and school improvement strategies for the benefit of all children. It also enables cost-efficient, expert centrally-run services to be provided to schools enabling them to concentrate on teaching and learning.