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Kents Hill Park School

Kents Hill Park is a 'free school' catering for ages 4 - 16 and is dedicated to providing an exceptional education for children. The 'all-through' model offers enormous benefits for parents and pupils: a seamless academic transition at age 11, individual support, a guaranteed place in the secondary provision at age 11 and the opportunity for each child's learning journey to be personalised.

Kents Hill Park School delivers a high-quality academic and vocational education in a supportive and challenging environment. It provides excellent teaching and encourages all children to develop their love of learning, both inside and outside the classroom. They have high expectations of behaviour and conduct and provide a wide-range of opportunities for personal development and character building.

Both primary and secondary enjoy excellent facilities on separate sites. The facilities available to pupils at each site are second to none. These include specialist teaching areas, such as Science, ICT, PE and Drama on the secondary site and Food Technology on the primary site. The school buildings have been completed to an exceptional standard. The school opened with 120 pupils in 2018 in Year 7 and 30 in Year 3.

The curriculum at Kents Hill Park reflects the school's view that all pupils should have a broad and balanced education all through their education. Specialist teachers will ensure that all national curriculum subjects are covered and that links between and across subjects and phases are carefully explored. The school believes that pupils come to school to learn and that the learning experience should be exciting and enjoyable with each pupil enabled to reach their full potential.

Kents Hill Park School is a happy, supportive and disciplined school, where each child feels safe, secure and confident. It is a school where children know that through hard work, involvement in extra curricular activities and respect for others, they can develop into well-rounded and successful citizens.